Trail Angels in Burkes Garden, VA

Trail Angels are famous and anonymous.  They don’t wear capes (in public) and most don’t have halos.

Trail Angels don’t grant three wishes to thru-hikers on the Appalachian Trail — unless they are wishing for cold water, free food they didn’t have to carry or some other creature-comfort not easily found on the trail.

We’re told: Don’t trust people you don’t know.  Never take candy from strangers.

We believe: Trail Angels are different.

Need an example?  How about the folks in Virginia at Burkes Garden Central Lutheran Church.  They practice what they call “AT Trail Hospitality.”

Their offer: “Cold?  Wet?  Exhausted?  Hungry for a hot meal?  We can pick [AT thru-hikers] up at Walker Gap or Burkes Garden/VA 623 trailheads.  Hot meals, shower, limited overnight accomodation, laundry and transportation available.”

The best part?  “No charge.”

Talk about angels. commends the angels at Burkes Garden Central Lutheran Church.

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