Waynesboro, Virginia: An Appalachian Trail Community

The Appalachian Trail doesn't run through the heart of Waynesboro, Virginia. Physically, at least. The AT -- and all who walk it -- are, however, in the hearts of those who live in Waynesboro. That is so true that the nonprofit Appalachian Trail Conservancy named Waynesboro one of its newest Appalachian Trail Communities.

Hikers who make it to the visitor center on Afton Mountain are treated like honored guests. They can get a free ride into town for showers at the YMCA, a place to sleep, a tour of the town, and a kind word from one of Waynesboro's Trail Angels. Afterward, they get a free ride back to Afton Mountain. How's that for hospitality?

Dwayne Jones, director of Waynesboro Parks and Recreation said, "It's one of the most storied trails in the country in our backyard."

AppalachianTrail.com congratulates Waynesboro, VA, for being worthy of this high honor!

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