Hostels on the Appalachian Trail

hostelSome towns along the trail have hostels specifically for hikers. These towns are usually spaced out between 50 and 100 miles from each other in the northern and southern regions and are 30 to 50 miles apart in the middle region.

Most are about $15 to stay for the night, though private rooms may be more, while some are free and others just take donations.

Most include breakfast and the use of showers in their price, and some have phone/internet access, laundry facilities and/or shuttle services for a small fee.

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Jeremy on Feb 26, 2016
Ive found the following link to have a number of hostels listed and found it to be a good start to finding the hostels i needed and some contact info:
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TimeOut Foundation on Jan 2, 2018
We have a large house near the trail in Lakeville Ct, and a farm with a campsite in Lime Rock, right off the trail. We would like to have the hikers have a listing so they can reserve it, how do we do this?