Trail Mix: Tasty Morsels of Appalachian Trail Advice

Published Jan 19, 2017

For more than five years, I have sought and found interesting stories about the Appalachian Trail: its famous places, friendly events and fascinating people. My favorites are added to our Trail Mix Advice page.

For hiking tips, stories about who ran the Trail the fastest or how to deal with your period or our weird heroes, Trail Mix will keep your mind occupied until you can go hiking again.

There is an array of 75 different articles that will help you pack your pack, find the Trail, avoid spooky people, locate cool places to stop along the way and how to deal with Post-Hiking Depression, when it's time to go back to That Other World.

Learn about Geraldine Largay (known as Inchworm), Baltimore Jack, Miss Janet, Stacey Kozel, Karl Meltzer and Pretzel. Great people of the Trail.

Get information about Leave No Trace and how to deal with bear encounters too.

For healthy nuggets and healthy encouragement, enjoy some of our free advice.

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About the Author Robert Sutherland:
Robert Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life. Robert has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.
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