The Appalachian Trail is Open Again

Published Dec 21, 2016

A Rocky Top Trail Crew Member ~ Photo from Rocky Top Trail Crew Blog

Fires have ravaged the southern portions of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia. The Trail survived and is open again from Georgia to Maine. Almost all of the burn bans have been lifted.

The Trail has changed forever. That's part of the cycle of life.

Arrests have been made and suspected arsonists are in jail, pending trials.

What's the next step? Well, you're the answer to that question.

The Appalachian Trail will thrive and be vibrant again ... with your help.

We urge you to take the time that you might have spent hiking alone and give it to others who will work with you to maintain, preserve and protect the AT up and down the Trail.

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About the Author Robert Sutherland:
Robert Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life. Robert has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.
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Ron Woodworth on Dec 15, 2016
What does this article tell us? Nothing!! Where did it effect the AT? Were any shelters destroyed? Who was arrested and where? Will any special trail maintenance be required on the trail this spring due to the fires? Will the trail have to be relocated because of the fires? My high school journalism teacher would have red ink all over this "article".
Brent Richardson on Dec 21, 2016
The writer has zero 1st hand info just other news reports and fire area reports there are southbound thru hikers and day hikers hiking the AT now so real trail info should be known soon
steve on Dec 21, 2016
@ronwoodworth:disqus @brentrichardson:disqus @disqus_3QmPmWX7NR:disqus We've been writing about these fires for weeks now. Check back on the site and you'll find many stories about the impact of these fires, and about who is (accused of being) responsible.
Robert Sutherland on Dec 26, 2016
Dear Brent,

You are correct. I was not in the forest fires nor was I in Gatlinburg as it burned. Yes, I used trusted sources instead. The first link in this story is continually updated by our friends at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy and will continually provide current information for you.

The goal of the story was not to present encyclopedic details of this topic. My goal was to provide authoritative links to trusted sources for you to pursue, should you wish to do so.

Happy New Year!
Robert Sutherland on Dec 26, 2016
Hi Ron. You must have missed the link at the top of the story that would have taken you to the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's list of AT Updates. Had you clicked on the link at the bottom, you would have been taken to a list of Trail groups with all the information you could ever want about the need for Trail maintenance. In less time than you spent sending your complaint, you would have had your answers. Happy New Year! Robert Sutherland
Ron Woodworth on Dec 26, 2016
So using your own logic if you had written an informative article in the first place you would be spending less time responding to complaints. Or here is another idea, just write one sentence saying here are some trusted sources because I have nothing to add to their articles. SMH
mel on Dec 17, 2016
Ron your right the writer has no sense of how to to frame a story when a straight forward presentation of the facts would have given us all the information we would have needed.The old who , what ,when , where ,how and why would have been nice . I have been prepping to do a complete thru hike and this attack of the AT by a couple of twisted pyromaniacs has raised a lot of questions that this writer has dismally failed to even touch