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Miss Janet Invites you to the 4th Annual Hiker Thanksgiving

The Lovely and Talented Miss Janet Invites you to the 4th Annual Hiker Thanksgiving!

Big holidays can be such a drag when your life isn't all picture perfect. It's tough to be alone on Valentine's Day or to be fussing with parents on Father's Day or Mother's Day. Thanksgiving with your insane relatives can be the worst. This year, you can be as thankful as that time you came across random Trail Magic ... at Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving in Hot Springs, NC.

Your family is (probably) just like everyone else's. If you have one at all. They're not bad people, they're not dirty, they're not mean. But, who gets thru-hikers ... except for thru-hikers?

If you're feeling all alone and that no one loves you or cares for you, wipe those tears away, Buttercup! Your family of Appalachian Trail thru-hikers cordially invites you to the 4th Annual Hiker Thanksgiving to be held on (hello?) Thanksgiving Day 2016. And all the hikers rejoiced!

Spend Thanksgiving with people you loved, hated or heard about on the Trail. You've seen them piddle in the woods, watched them hit on one another, smelled them from five blazes away and heard them snore. Now, gawk at how fabulous they look (maybe) when they're cleaned up and have lost their signature scents.

Please Note: Don't worry. You'll probably still like them. If it's too much for you, bring a piece of charcoal and rub it on one another's faces, just to make it real.

Miss Janet and her crew of beloved misfits will accept you with open arms, even if you show up without notice and without any food. (Hopefully.) But! If you RSVP and let them know that you'll be there and what you can bring to share with your Hiker Family, that would be just swell!

Last year, 100 happy hikers met together. This year? Who knows? Bring 100 of your closest friends (and sufficient grub) and you can double that number! Can't make it? Be a Trail Angel and pop them a donation. It's easy. Or, come early and be a joyous co-host or happy server!

Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving Fine Print

  • Who: Miss Janet and her Merry Men & Women
  • What: Thanksgiving for life, abundance, friendship and lots of hot food.
  • When: Thursday, November 24, 2016 from about 1:00 to 3:00. But, it's not like the room will be empty at 4 PM or the party will be over by 5.
  • Where: Hot Springs Community Center (a.k.a Bill Whitton Center). North Andrews Avenue (down by the railroad tracks). Hot Springs, NC 28743
  • Contact Info: Miss Janet 423-483-0620
  • Facebook Page: Hiker Thanksgiving
  • RSVP Here: 4th Annual Hiker Thanksgiving Sign-Up

Happy Thanksgiving! May God bless America and each and every one of us. (And our families.)

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