Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving in Hot Springs, North Carolina

Come to Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving Celebration in Hot Springs, NC.

Come to Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving Celebration in Hot Springs, NC.

You spent days, weeks or months on the Appalachian Trail. You did or didn't finish. You miss it more than you ever imagined. You're thinking of running, not hiking, back to the Trail. Is there a cure for such Trail Fever? Yup. Come to Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving Celebration in urban Hot Springs, NC.

Ditch Uncle Ralph, your "why can't you be more like them" cousins, relatives who never leave their houses unless they see flames. They're not bad people. They probably love you.

But for Thanksgiving? All day. Let's just call that Plan B, shall we? Here's Plan A.

Come to Hot Springs for Janet Hensley (didn't know her name did you?) for Thanksgiving 2016. Where nobody knows your name. Where everybody's all the same. Where everybody will be glad you came. Especially if you bring food or cash to help pay for somebody else's contribution.

A Hiker Thanksgiving photo by Miss Janet.

A Hiker Thanksgiving photo by Miss Janet.

No one will treat you like a crazoid for wanting to live/hike/be in the woods for all that time. No one will ask you if you saw any bears (maybe). No one will ask you when you're going to get a real job and marry someone nice like your brother/sister/neighbor did.

Talk about thanksgiving! With people who understand you. People who get it. People who spent so much time outdoors that you should not shake their hands for years! Your Trail family.

Don't want to call your family on Thanksgiving? Well, you should anyway. Seriously. But, if you're gonna be all stubborn and harsh, there's a bright spot. AT&T cell phones do not function in Hot Springs, except for telling you the date, time, and how you're 53.8 light years from where you can make a call or check messages.

No, this isn't a place for losers to go when no one else loves them. It's Miss Janet's Hiker Thanksgiving! You'll be loved -- if only for a few hours -- before you have to re-enter reality. Where you're going to spend the rest of your life. Live it up before you go. Then, go with grace and love for your family and friends, even if they don't understand you or the Trail.

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Just Swan on Nov 16, 2016
where is this held? what time does it start?
steve on Nov 17, 2016
Hot Springs Community Center (Bill Whitton Center) North Andrews Avenue, Hot Springs, NC 28743, from 1-3pm.

There's a signup genius for it:
<a href='https://m.signupgenius.com/#!/showRSVPSignUp/10C0D45A8AE2DA1F49-fourth' target=_blank rel=nofollow>m.signupgenius.com</a>
Robert Sutherland on Dec 26, 2016

The link in the story would have taken you to all the information you could have hoped to find.

Sorry it wasn't more obvious. I'll try to make the links more pronounced.

Happy New Year, Just Swan.