Safety Tips for Appalachian Trail Hikers During Hunting Season

REI's Orange Pack Cover for Hiker Safety During Hunting Season

REI's Orange Pack Cover for Hikers During Hunting Season

Bambi isn't the only one who has to be concerned about getting shot during hunting season. You do too. Safety tips for hikers during hunting season begin with: Never wear antlers in the woods.

Like it or not, 'tis the season for hunters to a) harvest game for food and to cull herds, or b) slaughter animals who have never done anyone harm. [Please discuss among yourselves.]

You cannot change the hunting culture, but you can avoid getting shot.

During certain seasons, hunters must wear hunter orange viewable from all directions. If accompanied by a dog, the dog should also wear hunter orange or a very visible color on a vest, leash, coat or bandana. Hikers are advised to wear a bright orange hat, vest, shirt or coat, and to protect their dogs similarly.

Clothing Tips for Hikers During Hunting Season

Wear bright clothing. Make yourself more visible. Choose colors that stand out, like red, orange or green. Avoid white, blacks, browns, earth-toned greens. Avoid (ready?) animal-colored clothing.

Forest Service officials suggest making noise while walking in the forest. Yes, hunters will hate you for scaring away game. "Whistle, sing or carry on a conversation as you walk to alert hunters to your presence. Sound carries well across mountain basins, and hunters should be listening for any sounds of animal movement."

If you do hear shooting, raise your voice and let hunters know that you are in the vicinity. If hunting makes you uneasy, choose a hike in a location where hunting is not allowed, such as a national park or a state park where hunting is restricted.

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