Congratulations to the Cumberland Valley A.T. Club for 25 Years

Published Sep 28, 2016

Congratulations to the Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club on celebrating their 25th anniversary! Over 40 members and friends gathered for a celebratory dinner on Friday, September 23rd at the Holly Inn in Mount Holly Springs, PA.

The CVATC Celebrates 25 Years

The CVATC Celebrates 25 Years

The Club was founded in 1991 to construct a new footpath on the A.T. in the Cumberland Valley. The trail through the valley had followed roads, but the Club founders envisioned a true trail for the Valley's section. The CVATC now maintains 17 miles of the A.T. in Cumberland County, PA.

Jim Foster, Immediate past President of CVATC, spoke at the anniversary event and reflected on the contentious beginning. Not all residents in the Valley were happy with the idea of rerouting the trail. The two opposing groups were the PRO-TRAIL and the Citizens Against The New Trail.

PRO-TRAIL Leaders Recognized at Anniversary Event

Founding club members recognized PRO-TRAIL leaders, including Dave Barr, Janice Slaybaugh and Clarence Fredlund at Friday's anniversary dinner.

"It's good to recall and document the tireless efforts of these volunteers. The Valley portion of the A.T. has become a highlight of the outdoors in Cumberland County, used by hundreds of thousands of people each year." - Karen Lutz, founding Club member and director of the Mid-Atlantic region office of the ATC

Club's Positive Impact on the A.T.

Past President Foster also summarized other accomplishments since the new trail, which include:

  • the pedestrian walkway that carried the trail across the busy Bernheisel Bridge
  • the boardwalk that brings the trail over the swampy area next to the Conodoguinet Creek
  • the underpass that avoids a dangerous road crossing at Route 944, Wertzville Road
  • the purchase of White Rocks, preserving the wilderness land from development

"Looking back, it was controversial to re-route the trail from a road walk through the valley to a true trail experience. Some good friends of the Trail were disappointed. But, on balance, it seems clear that the re-route was a good move. We find that a vast majority of peope now agree with the re-route... I think we've shown ourselves to be good neighbors." - Jim Foster, immediate past President of CVATC

We thank you CVATC for your efforts over the past 25 years! We look forward to seeing what you have in store for the future.

Click here to access the Cumberland Valley Appalachian Trail Club website.

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