Come to the 2016 Dahlonega Trail Fest ~ September 9-11

2016 Dahlonega Trail Fest ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

2016 Dahlonega Trail Fest ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

The 2016 Dahlonega Trail Fest will be held September 9th through the 11th, instead of previous years when the festival tried to coincide with the rush of hikers to hit the Appalachian Trail around the first day of spring. Organizers haven't lost their way ... they've simply chosen a new path.

After a few whacks at "Spring on Springer" -- a former name of the gathering -- drawing large crowds in cold weather was an issue. The new date is awkward: one week before the Trails End Festival in Millinocket, Maine. Let's be positive and think of it as a brilliant move! Southbounders might be rolling through Dahlonega after trekking 2,190 miles from Katahdin.

The Appalachian Trail will be represented, but the fest seems to be more inclusive than before. For example, Friday night's festivities begin with the movie, Tell It on the Mountain -- about the Pacific Coast Trail.

Trail Fest, a project of ... Yahoola Trails Conservancy, is a festival of outdoor enthusiasts revolving around all aspects of non-motorized recreation: hiking, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, mountain biking, orienteeering, and more!

There are many trails around the Appalachian Trail Community of Dahlonega. You'll find plenty of folks who will be happy to talk about the AT ... and plenty of others who will help us broaden our horizons and paths at Trail Fest.

The music, vendors, exhibits, information and the people you'll meet make this event spectacular, whenever it is held. See you there.

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