Come to the 2016 Trails End Festival in Millinocket, Maine

The only thing wrong with traveling to Maine from Georgia is you have to go through New York and New Jersey to get there. Hiking the Appalachian Trail makes even those states bearable, as long as you know you'll eventually get to the End of the Trail Festival in Millinocket, Maine.

The 2016 Trails End Festival takes place September 16-18th with nice town folks, oodles of hikers, a great big yard sale (in case you find a sofa you'd like to lug to the top of Katahdin), food and fun. Accompanied by three days of free music.

Appalachian Trail Cafe's Ceiling Tile Thru-Hiker Memorial for 2013 ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Appalachian Trail Cafe's Ceiling Tile Thru-Hiker Memorial ~ Photo by Robert Sutherland

As their slogan says, "The end of the trail is only the beginning."

If you're thru-hiking, stop by the Appalachian Trail Cafe and sign a ceiling tile. Honest. It's a great honor. If you're not hiking ask for the secret directions to Golden Road and the Abol Bridge. That's where everyone takes the iconic pictures of Katahdin with the idyllic lake in the foreground.

If you're tough enough, try this at 7 AM on Friday the 16th:

Hard Core Project
A yearly Trails End Festival tradition and a way to give back to the Appalachian Trail. Work on the AT, earn a Trails End Hard Core patch then enjoy a Bar-B-Q at the AT Lodge. It is a hard day's work but a lot of fun!! To register call 207-723-4321.

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