The Appalachian Trail Hike 100 Mile Challenge

Published Aug 4, 2016

The Appalachian National Scenic Trail -- best known as the Appalachian Trail -- is a part of the National Park Service (NPS). On August 25, 2016, the NPS celebrates its 100th anniversary! What gift would they like from you? Accept their Appalachian Trail Hike 100 Mile Challenge!

Sure, it's easier to buy the NPS an ugly tie, slippers or a diet book. Instead, the NPS would like you to hike 100 miles on any trail you'd like by the end of 2016. (Obviously, the best place to hike is on the Appalachian Trail.)

You're going to have to kick up your heels to hike 100 miles in the next few months. You'll also need a plan. The NPS has you covered! They have a free hiking log, safety tips, links to AT clubs and lots of helpful information. When you complete your treks and submit your information, you'll get an awesome, limited-edition Appalachian Trail Hike 100 Mile Challenge decal sticker for free!

It is better to give than receive. When you finish the Appalachian Trail Hike 100 Mile Challenge you'll be the primary recipient ... visiting new vistas, losing weight and anxiety, and better health.

Ask a friend to go outside with you. Head for a trail and go for a walk. In celebration of life and the National Park Service.

Appalachian Trail Hike 100 Mile Challenge

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RegularDave on Dec 5, 2016
Dang, wish I had read this in January. Are they going to have a 2017 challenge?