Karl Metzler's 3rd Shot at Appalachian Trail Record

Karl Metzler's third attempt to set the fastest known time (FKT) for hiking/running the Appalachian Trail begins in early August, 2016.

I know. This stuff makes you crazy, right? People react to such news as if Karl were making your mother carry his pack all the way and pick up his trash.

It seems "hike your own hike" ends when someone wants to use the Trail for their own personal measure of achievement. Me? Take 20 years and walk backwards. Skip on one foot from Springer to Katahdin, while singing, Waltzing Matilda. I don't care. You get to hike your own hike. So does Karl. (Unless he wants your mother to carry his pack.)

From Karl Metzler's Blog

Bottom line, this is an "attempt". I will try to eclipse the record of 46 days and change set last year by Scott Jurek ...

I hope to pass many thru hikers along the way. Much respect for all the thru hikers who support an incredible effort as I am about to undertake. Mother nature always has her way on the AT, so no promises, but this year, I'll have to say.....I've done all I can to make a reasonable attempt at the record. Let's just hope the stars all align this time.

Why not be happy for the guy and give him a kind word if he passes you along his way.

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mel on Jul 29, 2016
Regarding setting records for speed on the A.T. well sure its that persons thing to set records and wherever theres a trail somebody will show up to plant their speed record flag and proclaim themselves the fastest and so on .Sure they hardly see anything as they are focused on the path ahead as they should be and there won't be fun talks around the camp fire and if he breaks someones record well good for him .I hopefully will be on the trail doing my thru walk on the SO BO route and I am going for the exercise and the view and I will be just as proud if I complete it in one grand continuous hike . I will take pictures meet people smell funky and have fun .MELVIN
Mary Faith on Jul 29, 2016
I am never impressed with speed runs on the AT; this is not a hike. It's just using the AT for personal glory. Take your pack and hump it.
PinxEngrayz on Aug 17, 2016
HYOH, jeez.