Stacey Kozel & Her C-Brace On the Appalachian Trail

Stacey Kozel ~ Photo from her Facebook Page

Stacey Kozel ~ Photo from her Facebook Page

Have you heard of Stacey Kozel? She's marvelously remarkable and my new Appalachian Trail hero hiker for 2016. So far, at least. Her trek and tale will be hard to top.

In Stacey's words:

I have always wanted to hike the AT but after becoming paralyzed in March 2014 I wasn't sure I would get the chance.

That's right about where most of us would stop. You rarely see the words "paralyzed" and "hike the AT" in one sentence. Sheer will and what she calls "a special high tech brace" are helping her attain her goal of hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Her "C-Brace" is described by the manufacturer as "a computer controlled knee ankle foot orthosis (KAFO) that provides an entirely new approach to walking when back injuries or leg muscle weakness limit you." This gizmo allows Stacey Kozel formerly unbelievable mobility.

My guess is your legs work better than Stacey's, even with her C-Brace. Mine do. You and I are (probably) not going to hike the entire Trail. It's not about legs. It's mostly about endurance while hiking over rocks, streams, hills, bigger hills and (hello?) mountains. If she can, we can. Probably.

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