Appalachian Trail Hostel in Vernon, NJ, Closing

Published Jul 15, 2016

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Vernon, NJ

St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Vernon, NJ

With regret, we report to you the news that the Appalachian Trail Hostel in Vernon, NJ, is closing. The Saint Thomas Episcopal Church on Route 94 in Vernon has been hosting hikers, seekers and the lost of all sorts for many years.

A mission of the Episcopal Diocese of Newark, our vision is to reflect the radical hospitality of God.

Alas, the church and its various ministries to the community and those passing by on the AT will cease when the Saint Thomas Episcopal Church closes its doors. Their final service will be Sunday, October 30, 2016.

Thousands have been served by the kind people at St. Thomas. Why? Here's their response:

Over 2700 hikers a year make the journey from Georgia to Maine. God whispered,

"Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers... I was a stranger and you took me in... Remember that you too were once a stranger."

May God bless all those who have been such a blessing to the Appalachian Trail community in the days and years ahead.

Perhaps we could gather there for their final service?

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