Judge Sinks Bismarck the Embezzler Who Hid on Appalachian Trail

Published Jul 1, 2016

James T. Hammes ~ Bismarck the Embezzler

James T. Hammes

I'm not trying to be judgmental. After all, who among us hasn't embezzled $8.7 million over a decade while appearing to be a model employee at a Pepsi bottling plant? Alas, James T. Hammes -- "Bismarck the Embezzler" -- was sentenced to camp in a federal prison after being found guilty of wire fraud for such a crime.

Chief Judge Susan Dlott of the federal court in Cincinnati gave the pleasant pilferer -- who hid out for six years on the Appalachian Trail using the Trail Name "Bismarck "-- eight years behind bars, followed by three years of supervised release. Hammes, formerly of Lexington, Kentucky, also agreed to pay $7.7 million in restitution.

Please Note: Yes, I also wonder what happened to the other $1 million.

United States Attorney Benjamin Glassman says, "Hammes embezzled a lot of money over a long period of time ... [and] followed up his crime by coldly abandoning his family without explanation or warning and running from the law for six years under someone else's name."

On a brighter note, Bismarck's attorney's have been nominated for "Best Humor in an Embezzlement Trial" for their attempts to lessen the bandit's penalty by saying his years avoiding the law while hiking were part of a "spiritual journey" on his "road to redemption."

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Published Jun 9, 2016. Attorneys reportedly say James T. Hammes was "on the road to redemption" on the Appalachian Trail after embezzling $8.7 million from his former employer.