Embezzler "On the Road to Redemption" on Appalachian Trail?

Published Jun 9, 2016

James T. Hammes

James T. Hammes, formerly on the Road to Redemption

James T. Hammes was formerly an accountant with a Pepsi Cola bottler in Cincinnati, until he embezzled $8.7 million from his employer. Creative attorneys have morphed this poor little bunny rabbit into a man who was "on the road to redemption" on the Appalachian Trail for his crimes. Yeah, for six years and he didn't exactly turn himself in. Hammes was busted at Trail Days in 2015.

Hammes' clever lawyers, according to several reputable sources, are reportedly requesting three-years in prison for the bandit who became a pleasant hiker. The feds want Hammes sent up the river for seven years. Almost as long as he was on the lam. He'll have to pay fines and pay back the money he stole. Right.

I'm a professional writer; however, in my most inspired moments I could never come up with an excuse as profoundly bogus as a thief being on the road to redemption while ditching the feds.

My friends say JT was a nice guy. Pop me $8.7 million and give me six years off to spend it and I'd be nice to you too. Don't believe me? Try it.

He will face Judge Susan J. Dlott, a United States federal judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Ohio, for sentencing on June 22, 2016 after pleading guilty to wire fraud. With no previous criminal record and years of supposed remorse while pondering his transgressions on the Trail, it will be interesting to see where he goes and for how long.

Does crime pay? We'll know on June 23rd.

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Published Jul 1, 2016. James T. Hammes -- "Bismarck the Embezzler" -- was sentenced to camp in a federal prison for the next eight years after being found guilty of wire fraud.

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mel on Jun 9, 2016
What a hoser this clown is pissing down everyone's necks and calling it a worm rain. If he wanted a feel good experience he should have not ripped off those who trusted him and simply gone hiking for the pure experience of the trail as I hope to do in a month or so as I scurry around buying my equipment and prepping for the adventure ..