2016 Troutville Trail Days in Virginia

One of the friendliest towns on the AT is celebrating its 2016 Troutville Trail Days on Friday and Saturday, June 3rd & 4th.

In 2012, Troutville, Virginia, was named an official Appalachian Trail Community. They celebrated that honor at their first Troutville Trail Days. Every year since, townies, local businesses, thru-hikers and thrill seekers return for one of the best celebrations on the AT.

The Trail Friendly organizers of Troutville Trail Days encourage locals to visit the festival and camp out for the weekend with the stinkiest of stinky Appalachian Trail thru-hikers. For free.

Some local artists are so gracious that they will trade your rumpled-up twenty-dollars bills (that probably have traces of "you know what" on them) for actual works of art that they created solely for your pleasure! Wow. Just wow!

Everybody's invited to welcome the thru-hikers at the town hall on Friday from 4:30 -- 6:30 pm. Thanks to the hard work and donations of local churches, the thru-hikers will be fed a home-cooked meal. That's love in action.

Have fun at the inaugural BBQ cook-off at Troutville Trail Days! A $3.00 donation to Warrior Expeditions buys you a BBQ sammich. Have one or ten while you enjoy the music in the park.

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Appalachian Trail hikers in Virginia will love Troutville Trail Days! The free music? Maybe. The free camping? Sure. The free food? Oh, yeah, baby! Woo-hoo!

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