Group Attempts to Ban April Fool's Day Prank Stories

Published Mar 30, 2016

Bob's BBQ AT Portal

Bob's BBQ AT Portal

We've been asked not to publish news stories on April Fool's Day that appear to be actual news stories. It seems we have fooled readers in the past with articles on the banning of beards on the Appalachian Trail, making Trail names illegal, mandatory ID cards for hikers, and plans to pave the Appalachian Trail. Not to mention true stories of white bears.

I am not at liberty to reveal the name of the organization asking us to "stop tricking innocent hikers with bogus reports of A.T. so-called 'news.'" But I will anyway.

Why would they attempt to quell Freedom of the Press? First, you must identify what motivates them. One particular organization -- Friends of Appalachian Regional Trails -- doesn't want you to know that there are attempts being made to fund portions of the Appalachian Trail by giving what you and I would call "naming rights" to scenic overlooks and shelters along the AT.

They say it's best for the Trail, but who wants to see signs tacked to trees saying, "This portion of the Appalachian Trail maintained by [insert company logo here]." I don't care how small they are. "Small plaques unobtrusively affixed to shelter walls expressing gratitude for support" from local outfitters, hostels and restaurants are equally inappropriate, in my humble opinion.

We're here to fight for truth, justice and the American Way!

Even on April Fool's Day, when you cannot trust what you read. Especially this fallacious tale.

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Douglas Sweeney on Mar 30, 2016
Why not just tell the truth, no one would believe that either. On the other hand on April 1st why not tell a big old story, after all it is April Fools Day. And the world is full of fools.