Woody Gap Outfitters' New Shop in Suches, GA

Woody Gap Outfitters is temporarily located in the Wolf Pen Gap shopping center in Suches, GA. Photo by Robert Sutherland

Woody Gap Outfitters. Photo by Robert Sutherland

Woody Gap Outfitters has opened a store at the Wolf Pen Gap shopping center in the Appalachian Trail Community of Suches, Georgia, near -- yup -- Woody Gap and Wolf Pen Gap.

Grasshopper, the humble ninja, and I zipped and wiggled to Suches on some of America's best roads for motorcycles to visit the shop, Bob "Sir Packs Alot" Gabrielsen's latest adventure.

As you might know, Bob's a popular speaker at Appalachian Trail events. He also manages the Top of Georgia Hostel near Hiawassee, GA's Dicks Creek Gap close to mile 70 on the AT.

Vanilla helps run Woody Gap Outfitters. ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Vanilla offers advice and smiles. ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Bob plans a permanent home for Woody Gap Outfitters about a half-mile from Wolf Gap. Bad weather kept him from opening sooner.

Vanilla and Bob know the Trail and Trail gear too. The shop isn't huge, but it has what you'll need to stay warm, dry, hydrated and snacked up, in addition to shuttles.

The Wolf Pen Gap Country Store also shuttles from Woody Gap and there's a small hostel there too. Friendly folks, hot pizza and a dry bed are available to hikers.

Woody Gap Outfitters' Temporary Location in Suches, GA

Woody Gap Outfitters' Temporary Location in Suches, GA ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

You're invited to stop by and meet a hiker or two, stock up on Snickers and head back to the Trail ... at Woody Gap or Wolf Pen Gap.

From Gooch Gap (confused yet?) head east on Cooper Gap Road and turn left onto Route 60.

Woody Gap Outfitters and Wolf Pen Gap Country Store are just up the road.

Wolf Pen Gap Country Store

Woody Gap Outfitters

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