Wanted: Paid Intern to Hike, Camp & "Broaden Relevancy" of the AT

Published Feb 22, 2016

Wilderness Skills Institute

Wilderness Skills Institute

I had you at paid intern, right?

Julie Judson and our pals at the Appalachian Trail Conservancy (ATC) office in Asheville, NC, are hiring a paid ATC Leadership Intern. Interested in outdoor recreation, conservation and communication? Apply now to help the ATC achieve its goals.

"Broaden Relevancy" is one of five main goals for the new Strategic Plan ... engaging and connecting to a younger more inclusive audience and broaden the understanding of the physical and mental benefits provided by the Trail, cultivating the next generation of people who value and steward the Trail.

Paid Intern Schedule

During the first two weeks, the paid intern will participate in the Wilderness Skills Institute, receiving training and certifications in crosscut saw certification, trail maintenance and visitor use management, etc.

In weeks 3-6, the ATC Leadership Intern will collect stories of best-practices in Trail management for web-based training resources. Skills in videography, photography, writing and editing will help. Weeks 7-10 will include listening sessions with young, urban audiences to broaden the relevancy of the AT.

The Fine Print

  • The Wilderness Skills Institute will require camping. Gear will be provided.
  • Preferred start date: May 16, 2016. Final start date: May 23.
  • Compensation: $3000 - $3300 for the summer, depending on experience.
  • Housing is not provided; therefore, local applicants will be given priority
  • To ask questions or to plead for acceptance, contact ATC Education and Outreach Director Julie Judkins.
  • Email: jjudkins@appalachiantrail.org

Click Here for ATC Paid Intern Details & Application

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