Warren Doyle: Controversial Hiker, Teacher & Dancer

Warren Doyle ~ From WarrenDoyle.com

Warren Doyle ~ From WarrenDoyle.com

There are two kinds of people in the Appalachian Trail world: those who hate on Warren Doyle and those who revere him as a Guru of the Appalachian Trail.

He seems to get a bad rap as being contra-everything. I was happy to learn he's a contra dancer and caller. That proves he's not all bad.

An old proverb says, "Sweetness of speech increases persuasiveness."

Warren doesn't seem to live by those words. He speaks his mind, goes his way and appears not to care if people find him hard to deal with. A bit of an Appalachian Trail anti-hero.

Dr. Doyle is known for being a dynamic, opinionated but knowledgeable, unapologetic but caring, social change educator who is devoted to helping people fulfill their long-distance hiking goals and to experience the joy of moving to the music that they collectively hear.

One thing's certain. He knows how to train potential Appalachian Trail thru-hikers. Then, he leads them the length of the AT, even if he (in my humble opinion) endangers them when they ford the Kennebec River.

If you haven't formed an insanely devout opinion about him, go to WarrenDoyle.com to see what the fuss is all about.

"They say" he's a legend in his own mind. Whatever. His website says he's hiked the entire Appalachian Trail 17 times and is the founder of ALDHA - the Appalachian Long Distance Hikers Association.

Warren Doyle is a legend in my mind too. A fussy legend, perhaps, but a legend indeed.

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Alec on Feb 9, 2016
I know a lot of people that seem to thrive on bashing Warren, and while I'm sure he and I don't agree on everything, he seems alright to me.
Mary Faith on Feb 11, 2016
In 2010, Warrens hikers were called "doilies" because his people hike with a day pack and spending each night in a motel. A clear example of HYOH; I myself could never even begin to want to hike without the full backpack.
Ned_Ed_Ted on Feb 20, 2016
It would be impossible to spend every night on the AT at a motel. His website states the groups will camp out most nights.
Mary Faith on Feb 20, 2016
Not what we were told. And if they did camp out, their stuff was hiked in for them. None of them had anything bigger than a day pack. No worry's.......HYOH
Warren Doyle on Nov 3, 2017
Some of the group stayed in motels/hostels for about on be night for every ten days.
warren doyle on Nov 3, 2017
More like one out of every ten nights in a motel/hostel.