Early Bird Hikers Get the Snow on the Appalachian Trail

Springer Mountain ~ Courtesy of Hiker Hostel

Springer Mountain ~ Courtesy of Hiker Hostel

The early bird gets the worm. The second mouse gets the cheese. Folks who hike in winter get the snow on the Appalachian Trail.

If you're prepared, hiking in the glorious solitude of winter can be breathtaking. If you're not prepared, it can be life-threatening.

Facebook posts about newbies hitting the Trail in the winter are scary.

Please. Master simple before you try fancy. Don't be be like the hiker lost in the snow in North Carolina who had to be rescued.

[He] was an experienced hiker but became disoriented due to the extreme weather. Although exposed to the cold and elements, he was uninjured. Snow amounts were close to 24 inches during the search.

Seems he didn't check the weather forecast. Our friends at Nantahala Lodge put it best:

Every year when we drag someone out of the wintry snow, their first words are "that they did not think that the Southern Mountains would be so cold." If you use the word Mountain [to describe your trip] and it's in the middle of winter, at some point in your hike it's going to be cold.

To check the weather on the Trail -- before you go and along your way -- hit: ATWeather.org.

Enjoy the snow on the Appalachian Trail. Have a snowball fight with the bears. Live it up! Just be safe, please.

So no one has to rescue you.

Winter Hiking Tips from the New York - New Jersey Trail Conference

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Mark on Jan 27, 2016
If you are going to steal a quote from one of my Facebook posts you really should ask me to be sure you are using it in the right context. Just because I said I had zero experience hiking during thru-hiker season didn't mean that I have zero experience hiking, far from it actually. I have quite a bit of hiking experience, just not on the southern AT during the thru-hiker rush. If you want to use a quote by someone out of context and twist it to fit your article, that is your business but your readers need to know you are doing just that when you use it as a tool to drive home the point of your article when the quote you use had nothing to do with the point your article is trying to make.
Paul on Jan 30, 2016
The early worm escapes the bird!