Buy a Copy of David "Awol" Miller's "The A.T. Guide" for 2016

David "Awol" Miller, author of The A.T. Guide at ATKO 2014. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

When my copy of David "Awol" Miller's "The A.T. Guide" arrives, my smile is bigger than David's. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Few things make me as happy as the day David "Awol" Millers' latest version of The A.T. Guide -- A Handbook for Hiking the Appalachian Trail arrives.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail is easy. Just get your gear and follow the white blazes from Georgia to Maine. Right? Yeah, no. Knowing how far the next shelter is or where you might find water or what's available in towns along the way is vital too.

Toting maps and a compass can help you along the way, but maps are useless unless you already know where you are. The A.T. Guide gives you a bazillion clues to fix your position and illustrates how steep the Trail is ahead of you.

This year's edition has more town maps, more GPS coordinates for 200+ parking areas along the Trail. The 2016 version is lighter, but has more information. How cool is that?

For where to start your hike, what you'll see along the way, where you can rest, where you'll have to cross streams or scale a mountain, get a copy of The A.T. Guide -- A Handbook for Hiking the Appalachian Trail by David "Awol" Miller.

Free smiles with every copy!

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