Appalachian Trail Institute in Hot Springs with Jennifer Pharr Davis

Laughing Heart Lodge ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Appalachian Trail Institute at Laughing Heart Lodge ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Since 1989, hundreds of hopeful hikers from 29 states have attended an Appalachian Trail Institute (ATI), founded by the iconic master of the Trail, Warren Doyle. In January of 2016, Jennifer Pharr Davis will teach her second ATI in Hot Springs, NC at Laughing Heart Lodge.

Our pal Jennifer attended the Appalachian Trail Institute before her first thru-hike in 2005.

Fabulous food awaits at the Smoky Mountain Diner in Hot Springs, NC ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Fabulous food awaits at the Smoky Mountain Diner in Hot Springs, NC ~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

The invaluable lessons will cost you $250, plus lodging, breakfast, dinner, tax, tag, title, shipping, handling and Cheetos. You can save that much by taking the advice of Jennifer, who completed the Appalachian Trail three times, along with the Pacific Crest Trail, Long Trail and Colorado Trail too.

The course will deal with planning, budgeting, gear, nutrition and resupply. Time will be spent hiking on the AT and learning from other thru- and section-hikers.

ATI begins at 9 AM on Sunday, January 17th and concludes at 4 PM on Wednesday, January 20th. Participants will take three half-day hikes on the Appalachian Trail, ranging from 5-6 miles. Daily sessions will be held inside the cozy Laughing Heart Chapel.

Appalachian Trail Institute Info

  • To register, send an e-mail to:
  • For ATI workshop details call: 828-713-5451

Appalachian Trail Institute

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Mary Faith on Nov 26, 2015
With all due respect; I attended an event for JPD at my local outfitter last year. It was nothing more than a book promotion and her presentation was almost a verbatim speech that could have been seen on Youtube. I learned nothing.