Mountain Crossings Outfitters' Virtual Shake Down

It was too late for this 2014 Hiker to get a Virtual Shake Down at Blood Mountain Outfitters. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

It was too late for this 2014 Hiker to get a Virtual Shake Down at Blood Mountain Outfitters. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Georganna and Logan Seamon and their courageous cohorts are perfectly situated along the Appalachian Trail to rescue hikers from the weather, absurd expectations and inappropriate gear. Their Mountain Crossings Outfitters Virtual Shake Down helps hikers "take the load off."

Georgia's Mile 31.7 at Neel Gap (below Blood Mountain, the state's highest point on the AT) is where many formerly hopeful thru-hikers give out and give up on hiking the Appalachian Trail.

Smart hikers take Mountain Crossings Outfitters' Shake Down.

The result makes their first few days on trail radically more comfortable in two major ways. One is physical: their pack is lighter due to not carrying unnecessary items and they also don't find themselves lacking something important. The second is mental: they have asked all the questions they can and talked with experts about what to expect.

Mountain Crossings can save you 31.7 miles of misery with their Virtual Shake Down. For $100, they'll give you advice on your stuff and suggest alternatives. They'll apply the $100 to anything you might want to buy there.

How many folks who quit at Blood Mountain might have finished if they had a Virtual Shake Down first?

Click Here for Mountain Crossings Outfitters' Virtual Shake Down

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