Cold Weather Hiking Tips from First Day Hikes

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

There's more to First Day Hikes than a popular New Year's Day event nationwide organized by the American Hiking Society. (As if that weren't enough.) Read their cold weather hiking tips before you hit the link below to find a First Day Hike in your area.

Cold Weather Hiking Tips

Dress in layers. Wear several layers that you can add or remove on the trail. Your base layer should be a wicking fabric. Overheating is a dangerous threat. Excessive moisture can freeze and cause hypothermia. Some jackets have zippers under the armpits to keep air circulating and help prevent wet clothes.

Wear a hat! Keep your head covered to maintain function and not lose precious body heat.

Keep your water bottle warm. A koozie will help prevent bottled water from freezing. Keep your water bottle in your jacket so it won't freeze.

Use a sleeping bag liner. A liner is an inexpensive way to boost your bag's rating by 10-degrees.

Don't toss the sunscreen. Remember the effect of the sun's glare off of snow. Wear sunglasses.

Be prepared for shorter days. Know sunset times and carry a headlamp or flashlight with extra batteries.

Cold weather hiking can bring you warm ... or chilling ... memories.

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