Appalachian Trail Museum 2015 Progress Report

Published Dec 10, 2015

Appalachian Trail Museum Display ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Appalachian Trail Museum Display ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Sometimes small beginnings go unnoticed. That's the case with the Appalachian Trail Museum near the mid-point of the Trail in Pennsylvania's Pine Grove Furnace State Park. This trove of treasure is an overlooked gem.

The Appalachian Trail Museum is entering its seventh year of educating and encouraging visitors with displays of precious relics from those who hit the Trail years ago.

Volunteers clocked 2,500 hours to make it possible. Fewer than 500 folks are annual members -- roughly 5% of 2015's 9,000 visitors.

We encourage you to visit, support and donate Trail treasures to the Appalachian Trail Museum's growing collections.

Among the additions to the collection this year were many artifacts of Nimblewill Nomad, a prolific and charismatic hiker. A colorful cast iron plaque from the Delaware Water Gap is now on display in our sign exhibit area, courtesy of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy. Dave Sherman traced the plaque's fascinating history with a wide ranging research effort. The plaque ties together many of the strands of the A.T.'s early history.

Be encouraged by all that's happening and hopes for the future of the AT Museum in the link below.

Appalachian Trail Museum's 2015 Progress Report

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