The Most Popular Appalachian Trail Stories for 2015, Part 2

Scott Jurek Celebrating Atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

Scott Jurek's famous celebration atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

People of the Appalachian Trail made the list of the most popular Appalachian Trail Stories for 2015. As with the Trail itself, there were highs and lows.

Scott Jurek

I remember following his harrowing quest to run the Appalachian Trail in record time, watching his plots on an online map of the AT. Many of us shared his joy when he hit Katahdin.

The Rise of Scott Jurek

Then came the accusations, condemnations and shaming of Scott Jurek for viral photographs of him slugging down champagne to celebrate his victory and his wife's birthday in a manner done more quietly by many others.

The Fall of Scott Jurek

In retrospect, the trashing of Scott Jurek -- as compared to fining him for his infractions -- spoke more poorly of the Appalachian Trail subculture than Scott, in my humble opinion.

Jason Parish loved the Appalachian Trail

Jason Parish loved the Appalachian Trail

Jason Parish

While camping with friends on his beloved Trail, Jason Parish suffered a truly freak accident that might have otherwise been lost in the blather of endless news stories.

Seems Jason was too beloved to pass away unnoticed.

The Death of Jason Parish

The 2015 A.T. Guide by David "AWOL" Miller

A rather practical article was one of the year's most popular Appalachian Trail stories for 2015.

David Miller's comprehensive guide for thru-hiking the Trail contains more than you'll ever want to know about getting from Point A (Springer Mountain in Georgia) to Point B (Katahdin in Baxter State Park) -- and everywhere in between. His 2016 edition will be available in early 2016.

The 2015 A.T. Guide

Is this Doctor Grumpy?

Is this Doctor Grumpy?

Doctor Grumpy's Ten Tips for Appalachian Trail Thru-Hikers

Not every popular post was serious.

Doctor Grumpy brought a few smiles and many nods for his insights about dangers on the Trail and/or pooping in the woods.

Doctor Grumpy's Ten Tips

Solution to Appalachian Trail Overcrowding: Trail ID Cards

Something must be done about human traffic jams on the Trail before mayhem ensues, as when good people assault one another while buying Christmas presents for loved ones. When asked to verify this story, one source (who spoke on condition of anonymity) said the existence of Trail ID cards "was crazy." Is that the truth or are we being fooled?

Trail ID Cards

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