Appalachian Trail's Top Stories for 2015, Part 1

Published Dec 3, 2015

Record-setting Heather "Anish" Anderson ~ Facebook photo

Record-setting Heather "Anish" Anderson ~ Facebook photo

There's still time to add to the Appalachian Trail's top stories for 2015. Although it would be hard to top our five most popular recent stories.

I would have thought our coverage of the "Walk in the Woods" movie with Robert Redford would have been number one, but it wasn't. Our most-read stories have been about the heights and depths hit by thru-hikers.

Appalachian Trail's Top Stories for 2015, Part 1

#1: Geraldine Largay -- Inchworm -- topped the list unfortunately, when her remains were found. The mystery of her disappearance in 2013 was finally and mostly solved. We will never forget her.

#2: A simple story about a common question was surprisingly popular.

#3: Anish -- a.k.a. Heather Anderson -- flew under the radar as she set the fastest known time for her self-supported thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. Her humility, character and perseverance -- as with Jennifer Pharr Davis before her -- makes her, in our humble opinion, a candidate for the Appalachian Trail Hall of Fame.

#4: You just never know. Everybody has a story ... everybody has a backstory. Nobody guessed what was up with a friendly denizen of the Appalachian Trail known as Bismarck. Until the FBI busted him at Trail Days.

#5: The depression that whacks hikers after valiant strides toward a thru-hike is well-known ... in whispers. You'd figure that you'd live happily-ever-after if you were successful ... but it ain't necessarily so.

Hit the Trail in 2016. Give us something good to write about. Please.

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David Horton on Dec 3, 2015
I think that Scott Jurek's setting the AT speed record should be in the top 5 stories of 2015. No one has done it FASTER
Crazy Larry on Dec 3, 2015
I agree
Crazy Larry on Dec 3, 2015
Good reads