2016 ATC Trail Data Book: Appalachian Trail is 2,189.1 Miles Long

Appalachian Trail Conservancy 2016 Data Book

Appalachian Trail Conservancy 2016 Data Book

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Information Services Manager Laurie Potteiger (who is now tied with Julie Judkins for my favorite person at the ATC) confirmed the newly updated exact mileage for the Appalachian Trail. According to the 2016 Appalachian Trail Data Book: "The new mileage for 2016 is 2,189.1, down 0.1 from last year."

Brian King, their extraordinary editor, explains why the Appalachian Trail is 1/10 of a mile shorter than in 2015:

"A 0.3 mile gain in Vermont (post-storm [relocations]?) was offset by an equal drop in Tenn.-N.C. (huge Smokies remeasurements plus a 0.1-mile overestimate of the Rocky Fork [relocation] a year ago); a 0.1-mile drop in Pennsylvania at Wolf Rocks made the difference."

The ATC's 2016 A.T. Data Book is now available (even though the website link says "back orders accepted"). The Data Book "has a gorgeous cover" according to Laurie -- who, in addition to her acute eye for aesthetics is a ninja with a chainsaw.

Appalachian Trail Data Book 38th Edition

A consolidation of the basic information from all 11 A.T. guidebooks into a lightweight table of distances between major Appalachian Trail shelters, road crossings, and features--divided according to the guidebook volumes and updated each fall to account for relocations, new or removed shelters, and other changes. Retail Price: $6.95

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