Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison on Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail

Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison

Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison

Not everyone is partying at 10 PM on Saturday nights, unless you count trolling Facebook. That's when I found a pithy post from Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison on the "Appalachian Trail" page.

For years I envied the thru hiker. I had my chance in '88, but came up short.

These days I realize that many that thru-hike, do so and never see the Trail again. I've had a relationship with this trail since 1988. I visit her often, and though sometimes she wears me down, she always rewards me in some way.

Not to say I will never thru, 12-15 years from now I will again have my chance. However, if it never happens I'm okay with that. She owes me nothing.

The Appalachian Trail as seen by Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison

The Appalachian Trail near NJ's Worthing Forest as seen by Mel "Two-Eagles" Jellison.

Two days later, 300 people "liked" his Trail wisdom.

For every thru-hiker who tops Katahdin or Springer, there are three who tried ... and came up short.

Two-Eagles (his two sons are Eagle Scouts) is a Trail Angel with 1,500 miles under his belt. He loves the Trail and visits her often, even if he never finishes his thru-hike.

He hopes you'll come home ... to the Appalachian Trail. For a day or a 200-night stand.

He'll leave the lights off for you.

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