Tree Huggers Unite at HemlockFest!

HemlockFest 2015

HemlockFest 2015

Tree huggers unite at HemlockFest!

HemlockFest is mostly presented by the Lumpkin Coalition. It's the most rewarding and enjoyable way to help preserve hemlocks for future tree lovers.

"North Georgia's hemlocks are in danger of almost total extinction due to a rapidly spreading infestation of the hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), an invasive insect from Asia with no local natural predator," according to Save Georgia's Hemlocks.

HemlockFest raises funds and public awareness to fight the plight of Eastern and Carolina hemlocks.

When is the last time you experienced knife throwing (except in Atlanta) or went canoeing on Lake Merlin? Sprinkle in arts & crafts demonstrations, good food, primitive camping (ten minutes from Walmart) and live mountain music for an amazing time.

HemlockFest is the best party you can find in the hemlock-dwindling woods of North Georgia.

This Leave No Trace event will be held Friday-Sunday, November 6-8, 2015, in Murrayville, GA, near the Appalachian Trail Community of Dahlonega. Tickets range from $15-55/person.

Please Note: Sorry, men named "Murray" don't get free admission. Thank you.

Limited first-aid, security, camping, showers and firewood will be available onsite. Please bring your own hula-hoops.

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