AMC's Susan Arnold on Expiration of Land & Water Conservation Fund

Published Nov 4, 2015

Appalachian Mountain Club's Susan Arnold

Appalachian Mountain Club's Susan Arnold

Susan Arnold is the vice-president for conservation with the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). Professionally and personally, she is concerned that Congress allowed the expiration of the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LCWF) on October 1, 2015.

In an AMC newsletter released on 11-3-15, Susan says the inaction of Congress means "future efforts to create and protect playgrounds, community parks, historic sites, expansions to state and federal recreation opportunities, and trails are in jeopardy."

Created 50 years ago, LWCF is widely viewed as one of our country's most successful and popular land conservation programs. LWCF has continuously seen broad bipartisan support, and doesn't cost taxpayers a dime. The program is funded entirely by royalties from offshore oil and gas leases- an effort to balance this use of our natural resources with their protection.

In our region, the program has helped create recreational opportunities ranging from small neighborhood parks and playgrounds, to funding nearly two-thirds of the Appalachian Trail and supporting the continuing development of the New England National Scenic Trail.

Susan urges us to follow the Conservation Action Network, and to ask our members of Congress to support the Land & Water Conservation Fund.

AMC's Effort to Revive the Land & Water Conservation Fund

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