Twister! The Poster Child for Flip-Flop Hikes on the AT

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

Every cause needs a martyr or "poster child." One of the Appalachian Trail Conservancy's priorities -- flip-flop hikes -- just got both. Meet James Irvin, also known as Twister.

Twister hit the Trail on April 13, 2015, with the help of our pal Ron Brown at Ron's Appalachian Trail Shuttle.

Twister topped Katahdin on October 18th and posted the most epic and chilling summit shot ever.

As of October 27th, the AT is still open on Katahdin, with winter hiking conditions.

One way to avoid a snowy beard like Twister's is to take an alternative thru-hike, a variation of the flip-flop hike.

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

Twister Atop Katahdin ~ James Irvin's Facebook page

You can begin in Harpers Ferry, WV, for example, and hike to Katahdin. That gives you time to scoot back to Harpers Ferry and hike southward to Springer Mountain before winter hits in the north or south. Probably.

Flip-flop hikes allow you to vary your departure dates and places and are just as thru-hike-worthy as going northbound or southbound all the way.

The best way to avoid the early spring crowds heading north from Springer Mountain is a flip-flop hike.

Unless you just have to look like Twister atop Katahdin.

Click Here for Twister's Facebook Video

Appalachian Trail Conservancy Flip-Flop Hike Info

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