3-D: The Man Behind the Time-Lapse Beard Video

A video by an Appalachian Trail hiker has gone semi-viral. John, whose Trail Name is "3-D," added a clever map of his thru-hike that shows his position as his beard burgeoned.

3-D's first trail journal post didn't mention "become famous because I grew a beard."

I've been asked: Why am I attempting to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail? ... I'll mention my top three reasons.

I find the woods spiritual. They have a timelessness and natural order that seem to just pull me in. Even in wind, rain, snow ... whatever, I find peace in the woods.

A challenge. I've taken on a handful of large challenges in my life, and this one is certainly a hum-dinger. If nothing else, just the prospect of doing this has really energized me.

Filling a void. When my father passed away three years ago, I think I must have been searching for something to replace the absence of possibly my best friend in the world. I happened upon a National Geographic ... film about hiking the Appalachian Trail. That thought percolated a month or two and eventually turned into a goal - sort of an obsession, really. I've been preparing ever since.

3-D peaked on Katahdin on September 16, 2015. In a business suit, no less.

Here's the story of the man behind the beard.

3-D's Trail Journal

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About the Author Robert Sutherland:
Robert Sutherland is a travel writer enjoying life. Robert has two adult daughters and six grandchildren.
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