Kennebec Ferry Final 2015 Report by David Corrigan

David Corrigan's Facebook Profile Picture

David Corrigan's Facebook Profile Picture

David Corrigan, the Maine Appalachian Trail Club (MATC) and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, don't get enough credit for protecting AT hikers with the Kennebec Ferry.

David, of Fletcher Mountain Outfitters, posted his Kennebec Ferry Final Report for 2015 on the MATC webpage. The link to the entire report is below.

David says,

I am happy to report that the 2015 Ferry season has come to a close without injury or incident of any kind related to the Ferry Service.

2015 Kennebec Ferry Statistics

  • We had a record number of hikers this year.
  • Southbound through hikers, 307
  • Northbound through hikers, 1,007
  • Total hikers using the Ferry Service during the 2015 season, 2,181
  • Confirmed Forders/Swimmers, 43

Hikers Fording the Kennebec

  • I confirmed 43 forders...
  • Last year we had the lowest total number of forders ... this year it is just the opposite.
  • We had a totally different type of hiker on the trail this year. The attitude that rules and safety warnings simply didn't not apply to them was quite prevalent...
  • An alarming number of hikers [said] they had never even seen our schedule or safety warnings...
  • Many hikers, both stoned and sober, refused to fill out release forms.

...The 'average hiker' on the Trail these days is not the same kind of person that they were just a few years ago. This is something that the entire A.T. Community is going to need to be aware of as the number of users increases.

Click Here for David's Kennebec Ferry Final 2015 Report

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