Meet Mama Goose at Harlem Valley's Trail Day 10-18-15

Sharon MamaGoose Smith -- former Warrior Hiker -- and Sean Gobin, founder of Warrior Hike on Springer Mtn. ~~ Photo courtesy of MamaGoose

Sharon Mama Goose Smith -- former Warrior Hiker -- and Sean Gobin, founder of Warrior Hike on Springer Mtn. ~~ Photo courtesy of Mama Goose

Our friends with the Harlem Valley Appalachian Trail Community (HVATC) of Dover & Pawling, NY, hope to see you at their 2nd Annual HVATC Trail Day on Sunday, October 18, 2015, from 11-3 PM.

HVATC Trail Day has interesting exhibits -- including the Trail to Every Classroom -- hikes and oodles of food to keep you warm and full.

The event takes place -- rain or shine -- at Native Landscapes & Garden Center in Pawling.

Our dear friend Sharon "Mama Goose" Smith will be there. This amazing lady was part of the Warrior Hike's AT hike. She's thru-hiked the Mountains to the Sea Trail. She would have finished the Pacific Crest Trail, but forest fires forced the trail to close.

Sharon is one of my personal heroes for her service to her country, Warrior Hikers and everyone she meets. Take a hike with her on Sunday at 10 AM.

We're thankful to Amanda Allison for leading a hike for children with special needs at 1:45 PM.

Meet beautiful people on a beautiful fall day at the HVATC Trail Day!

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