Scott Jurek Pays $500 Fine for Champagne Atop Katahdin

Published Sep 9, 2015

Scott Jurek Celebrating Atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

Scott Jurek Celebrating Atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

Scott Jurek went from King of the Hill to, from his perspective, a victim of hostile authorities at Baxter State Park (BSP) after successfully running the entire Appalachian Trail in record time, finishing his terrific trek on July 12, 2015.

After summiting Katahdin's Baxter Peak, life quickly went downhill for the famed ultramarathoner.

Iconic photographs of Jurek spritzing champagne on Katahdin's fragile ecosystem went viral and Scott became the poster child for Bad Boys in Baxter.

Officials slapped him with three citations: hiking in a group larger than 12; drinking alcohol; and, for littering -- the charge Jurek most vehemently denied.

Scott Jurek does not litter on the AT or anywhere else. His wife has pictures of trash they saved as they sought to set the fastest known time hiking the Trail.

Counsel for BSP and Jurek faced off in county court in Millinocket, Maine, on September 9, 2015, after failing to reconcile their differences.

Ultimately, charges against Jurek for the oversized hiking group and littering were dropped. In return, Jurek paid a $500 fine for having bubbly atop Katahdin and the case was closed.

Jurek's attorney reportedly called it a fair resolution. One wonders why it took so long.

Click Here for Scott Jurek's Fall from Grace Atop Katahdin

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Appalachian Swede on Sep 10, 2015
Hikers have been celebrating on Katahdin for years. Why is BSP getting bent out of shape now? Is it because Jurek was in the spotlight?
hillsmom on Sep 10, 2015
I think you got that right! Or perhaps the Head Ranger wanted to exert his "power"...?