7 Thoughts on 'A Walk in the Woods' Movie with Robert Redford

A Walk in the Woods location at Neel Gap

A Walk in the Woods location at Neel Gap

A Walk in the Woods, starring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte, is finally in theaters!

A Walk in the Woods, (AWTW) is based on Bill Bryson's best-selling book about two old friends who reconnect to hike the Appalachian Trail.

7 Thoughts on A Walk in the Woods

  1. Superman can't fly. Sorry. Ancient asthmatic goats, such as Katz, played by Nick Nolte, shouldn't attempt a thru-hike of the AT without a doctor's permission.
  2. Great movies don't rely on F-bombs for laughs. AWTW did and earned an R-rating. You can't influence the masses who won't watch it.
  3. Bucket lists haunt old people. (Like me.) AWTW is about seniors pondering their mortality and wanting another thrill. They chose to hit the Trail, but sky-diving would have worked.
  4. Fears that AWTW will overwhelm the Trail are semi-screwy. More day-hikers? Sure. But who has $15,000 and 6-9 months of free time for a thru-hike because of an R-rated movie?
  5. Robert Redford (and his absurd toupee) is the star of AWTW, not the AT.
  6. It's only a movie. Eat some popcorn, lighten up and enjoy the show.
  7. The greatest impact of AWTW? Ammo for hikers hoping to convince their families it's not crazy or dangerous to take a walk in the woods on the Appalachian Trail.

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Art Wray on Sep 5, 2015
Just came back from viewing " A Walk In The Woods ". What a missed opportunity this film is !
Jim Inak on Sep 11, 2015
What missed opportunity, Art; to show more of the AT and move away from the intended theme of the movie? The book was not written, and the movie was not made, to be a travelogue on the AT, it was to demonstrate how two old friends can re-connect while doing something difficult. If you feel an opportunity was missed I suggest you write a book or screenplay that shows YOUR ideas. Bryson's ideas were demonstrated perfectly in this movie in my opinion.
Richard Judy on Sep 7, 2015
For a few extra thoughts on AWITW, go to www.thru-novel.com and read my mini-review. The movie is very funny and has redeeming qualities, but I think those of us who love the AT feel that if this is the only movie ever made about the greatest of all trails, we will never get a true feel for what the thru-hiking life is really like.
A Freind on Sep 10, 2015
ah jeez who of us do not have grand ma- grand pa`s , moms dads who don't need a little push, other than the kids harping on them to get up, your only as young as you feel crap all the time, come on lighten up francis.Let some stuff laying around about this Book/movie and A am/fm clip on small radio or a I pod with head phones..... come on you get it . And im going out on a limb here, but maybe a roach or two laying around . And Quit your whining and bitching and pitching a fit and help your folks fit into it Just saying
Jim Inak on Sep 11, 2015
Richard: This was not a "movie....made about the greatest of all trails." It was a movie about two old friends, whose lives had diverged over the years, re-connecting. That they did it on the AT was done to show that pulling together in a difficult situation can be a catalyst for great personal growth. We all know that and this movie showed that the AT can be that catalyst. Keep in mind that the last time we saw a character played by Robert Redford sitting on a rocky ledge over a river, he jumped off into the river. This time they got out with the help of some other AT hikers and continued on.
Gene on Sep 11, 2015
Saw AWITW last weekend. In places, I laughed till I cried. In other places - not so much. I'm no longer afraid the movie will open a Pandora's Box of want-to-be hikers filling the shelters and crowding the trail with grannies and preschoolers (although some grannies can hike with the best of them). I thought the movie - much like the book - missed the opportunity to let out the secret of how rewarding and intoxicating the AT can be - the beauty of the trail family - and the sense of accomplishment that you survived another day without quitting. It was a fun movie - that's all.
Jim Inak on Sep 11, 2015
C'mon, people. Read the book before you comment on the movie. This film was not really about the AT; it was about two old friends whose lives had diverged about as drastically as possible over the years, re-connecting and it demonstrated it extremely well. The AT was just the incubator for the reunion and it showed how doing something difficult can bring people together. That being said I thought the film makers did not show how tough the trail can be. It gave the appearance that the only reason Redford and Nolte's characters had trouble was because they are old and out of shape. They could have shown some good rocky places but the stunt double for Nolte would have been working overtime during those shots. Otherwise I thought they showed a considerable amount of what the AT is like. The scenery was almost as spell-binding as doing it live, and the people they ran into reminded me of some we have all experienced. I'm a complete novice on the AT but will keep going back despite the distance to it from where I live. Watch the movie, read the book, and understand what it was really about before criticizing.
Bev McIntosh-Johnson on Oct 2, 2016
A Walk In The Woods is one of the movies that I recently borrowed from my local pubic library. It's not likely that I will ever have the opportunity to travel along this beautiful and difficult trail so I am very appreciative that Robert Redford has given people such as myself the opportunity to experience this adventure.
Bev McIntosh-Johnson on Oct 2, 2016
A Walk In The Woods was one of the movies I recently borrowed from my local public library. It is not likely that I will ever have the opportunity to travel this beautiful and difficult trail, so I am very appreciative of Robert Redford for giving me the opportunity to join a superb group of actors on this adventure. It's refreshing to watch a movie which allows us to feel good about human endeavors, and shows us that we are never to old to enjoy humour and romance