Michael Kirkpatrick ~ A Veteran Lost & Found on the Appalachian Trail

Michael Kirkpatrick's Facebook Photo

Michael Kirkpatrick's Facebook Photo

One of several mysteries regarding Michael Kirkpatrick has been solved.

The Army veteran, according to friends, was "distraught" on July 18, 2015. His roommate said Michael Kirkpatrick suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

On July 19th, the 29-year-old father of two children drove away from his home in Fayetteville, NC and disappeared.

At 1 PM on August 18th, Michael Shane Kirkpatrick posted this Facebook message:

I'm Alive everybody. I folded. I'm on the greatest adventure of my life. Sell my belongings and give what you can get to Alissa. My car is at Tanyard Gap, near Hot Springs, NC. Maybe it's still there. I'm not a religious man but something is guiding me. I'm surviving my way. Rest easy old friends. I'm doing good things. I protect. I'm out everyone. I got a lot of preparing to do, winter will set in soon.

Found on Michael Kirkpatrich's Facebook page

Found on Michael Kirkpatrick's Facebook page

Authorities located the vehicle. The missing persons case was closed.

Michael Kirkpatrick has been hiking the Appalachian Trail. His parents had provided him with money and clothes, in a time of need.

We regret his troubles, and we wish Michael Kirkpatrick Godspeed and a reunion with loved ones.

After he walks off the war.

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Tricia Floyd on Sep 3, 2015
i started at amicalola falls april 28, being fat and disabled with 3 kids that never hiked or even camped before, i was very slow . fell in the smokies and broke my back. had to come off the trail at hot springs and come home to recove,r but the real healing was out there. came home with a different perspective and different outlook to life. plan to go back and finish but for now my disabilities are better than they have been for 20 years. wish i were out there with michael kirkpatrick. prayers be with him to find his way in life.
Stephani Jusino on Sep 9, 2015
I am glad he was mindful & let others know he is alive. Some times a person has to focus on self, regroup & nurture their own spirit. Only then can they be of benefit to others. I hope he cultivates inner peace & that his family gracefully seeks to understand & moreover accept both his absence & return whenever that is.