Scott Jurek Hires Lawyers to Fight Baxter State Park Citations

Scott Jurek Celebrating Atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

Scott Jurek Celebrating Atop Katahdin ~ Photo from Runners World

On July 12, 2015, Scott Jurek's famous ascension of Baxter Peak culminated his record-setting run of the Appalachian Trail in 46 days and change.

After Scott climbed the final mountain, he celebrated. Everyone does. It's the high point in many hikers' lives.

Scott's crew, friends and officials from Baxter State Park were there as Scott shook a bottle of champagne and let it jubilantly spray "Mount Katahdin," as if christening the launch of the rest of his life.

Unexpectedly, Jurek was issued three citations for violations of BSP rules: traveling in a group larger than 12; drinking alcohol; and, littering. Civil violations carrying penalties of $200-1000 each.

Iconic photographs of Scott's exuberance went viral. To BSP officials, they represented disrespect for the park. They feared others would desecrate the sanctity of Katahdin.

Scott accused BSP of making him the poster boy for bad Trail behavior. Sabre-rattling between BSP and the Appalachian Trail Conservancy over moving the northern terminus of the Trail made the news.

After failing to resolve their differences, Scott lawyered-up and plans to fight the charges in court, if an agreement isn't reached by September 9th.

We hope a mutual love for the Appalachian Trail will inspire peace between Scott and BSP.

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