PA's Palmerton Borough Hall Hiker Hostel Closed After 40 Years

Published Sep 1, 2015

Palmerton Borough, PA, City Hall

Palmerton Borough, PA, City Hall

Appalachian Trail (AT) news doesn't always travel fast. Take the closing of the hiker hostel in Pennsylvania's Palmerton Borough Hall (in the former town jail) for example.

Kim Rodriguez is a friendly clerk in the city manager's office. On September 1, 2015, she confirmed the last person signed into the hiker hostel on January 22, 2015, after 40 years of service.

In early March, the town stopped allowing hikers to use the hostel. In April, they announced the decision. In August, it's "news."

I asked Kim, unofficially, if rowdy hikers were the last straw. She said, unofficially, some hikers misbehaved (shocking!). The biggest issue was having hikers sleep (and whatever) in the same (hello?) building as city hall, with access to other parts of the building. That's a good reason.

In hiker hostel news from the Appalachian Trail Lodge:

Disaster avoided [8-31-15]. We had a fire under our front porch due to an inconsiderate person not using the butt bucket provided. The quick response of the Millinocket fire department and the orderly evacuation of our building ... [avoided] what could have been the end of the AT Lodge. The AT Lodge now has a NO SMOKING [policy].

Treat hiker hostels the way you want to be treated.

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tvtoms on Oct 5, 2015
Well, I think it's a terrible shame that abuse by a few has lead to the closing of this place which must have seemed like a slice of heaven or home to thousands of hikers over the years. It seems like an extreme reaction, but hopefully a nice home owner in the town will see this as an opportunity to open their home to hikers happy to donate for a place to lay their head for one night.
Robert Sutherland on Oct 15, 2015
Please re-read the article on the closing of the Palmerton Borough Hall hiker hostel.

It was not closed due to abuse, nor was it an extreme reaction.