Screwy Story of the Week: There's Bears in the Pool!

Published Aug 27, 2015

bears in the pool

There's bears in the pool!

Bears in and out of the woods are sick of the bad press they've earned for chasing hikers and closing trails. They finally got smart and earned good will in the film, "There's Bears in the Pool!"

That's a direct quote from little Sarah Basso in the video captured on August 18, 2015 by Tim Basso of Rockaway Township, NJ.

Will the town adopt a new slogan?

Come to Rockaway Township! Where there's bears in the pools!

Tim's starring role is limited to his outburst, "Get out of the pool! G'wan!"

That line was impeccably delivered to (hello?) six bears swimming in the above-ground pool in his backyard. Momma Bear and her five cubs (surprise!) ignored poor Tim.

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