Safety Tips for Bear Encounters

Avoid Bear Encounters

Avoid Bear Encounters

Bear encounters are common on trails and in backyards. The Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department wants to make your next meeting with Smokey and Boo-Boo safe.

Black bears are large, strong wild animals. Treat them with respect, from a distance.

Safety Tips for Bear Encounters

  • Remain calm.
  • Give the bear an escape route.
  • Back away, while calmly repeating "Hey bear."
  • Leave the area.
  • If attacked in a building or tent, immediately fight back.
  • Do not lock the bear in a room. Instead, leave doors open as you exit.
  • DO NOT run from a bear.
  • DO NOT climb trees to escape a bear.
  • DO NOT approach or try to make contact with the bear.

A Fed Bear Is A Dead Bear

Bears that become used to finding food around campsites and become unafraid of contact with humans can become "nuisance bears." That's bad news for the bears. Relocating a nuisance bear is nearly impossible. Often, nuisance bears must be destroyed.

Bear spray is an effective tool, especially if you encounter an aggressive bear on the trail. Please be careful. Remember, bears are afraid of you too.

Bear Encounter FAQs from Vermont Fish and Wildlife

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