Schaghticoke Tribe in CT Wants a Bingo Hall by the AT

Published Mar 12, 2015

Will B-I-N go away from the Appalachian Trail?

Will B-I-N go away from the Appalachian Trail?

They might just be blowing smoke, but a report published by The Associated Press, written by Michael Melia, dated March 12, 2015, says members of the Schaghticoke Indian Nation in Connecticut are fighting mad that other tribes will be allowed to build casinos and offer legalized gambling in New England, but not the Schaghticoke.

According to the article, the Schaghticoke have a poorly maintained reservation near the Appalachian Trail in Connecticut where they hope to construct a building suitable for bingo gambling, to produce income for the tribe.

Time will tell whether the leaders of the Schaghticoke will fight for legalized gambling or whether they'll bury the hatchet with lawmakers and conservator of the Appalachian Trail near their land.

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Appalachian Trail Conservancy & CEO Ron Tipton ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Appalachian Trail Conservancy & CEO Ron Tipton ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

Our friends with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy won a similar battle along the AT.

You might remember the terrific news we received from Ron Tipton, just in time for Christmas!

Dear ATC Supporter,

It is with tremendous excitement and great relief that I can share some fantastic news.

New York's Gaming Facility Location Board has rejected the Sterling Forest Resort casino development near Tuxedo due, in part, to its detrimental environmental impacts.

Because the proposed location is surrounded by Sterling Forest State Park and was very close to and within clear sight of the Appalachian Trail, we strongly support this recommendation to the New York Gaming Commission.

As I reflect back on the last few months, I am extraordinarily proud of ATC and the many other organizations who came together in a collective voice to say "No" to this proposal. Specifically, I would like to thank the hard working and dedicated team at the NY/NJ Trail Conference whose work was instrumental in defeating this proposed development.

Whether you donated money, attended meetings, made phone calls, wrote letters, spread the word through social media or did anything else to support our efforts I wish to say simply, thank you.

Because of our collective hard work, no casino will be built near Sterling Forest State Park.


Ron Tipton


We'll keep you posted.

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