Hawk Rock Graffiti Removed by DATC Volunteers

Published Sep 17, 2014

DATC Volunteers Removed Graffiti from Hawk Rock

DATC Volunteers Removed Graffiti from Hawk Rock

Our friends with the Duncannon Appalachian Trail Committee (DATC) in Pennsylvania have good news for all of us who love the Appalachian Trail (AT). DATC volunteers removed years of graffiti from nearby Hawk Rock after the iconic boulder was defaced, again, by a self-centered cretin with a can of spray paint.

DATC organizers put out a call for volunteers to meet on Sunday, September 14, 2014 at the Duncannon Recycling Center. The cleaning process required about 20 gallons of water to be carried the top of the mountain and 20 more gallons to Third Rock, about a third of the way up.

DATC Volunteers Removed Graffiti from Hawk Rock

DATC Volunteers Removed Graffiti from Hawk Rock

In the words of the DATC: "Our second outing to clean the Hawk Rock area was a GREAT success thanks to the many wonderful volunteers who donated their time on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. I think almost everyone managed to get at least a gallon of water up to Hawk Rock. We were hoping for 20 gallons of water at the top of the mountain but ended up with about 35 gallons and we used every last drop to blast off as much graffiti as possible. There's still some paint left in the nooks and crannies but nothing is legible and you can see more of the rock's natural color coming through."

While they were there, people donated their time to trim back trail vegetation, clear water bars, slide a big rock off the trail in the avalanche area, fix the step at the bottom of the stairs just before Hawk Rock and collect two large bags of trash.

In addition to our valiant volunteers, we want to recognize the contributions of several local supporters:

DATC does a tremendous job of keeping us informed about their activities. There are many more Trail groups that go unnoticed but we appreciate all those who give of themselves for our benefit and for the benefit of the Appalachian Trail.

Thanks to one and all.

Click Here for DATC Info on Hawk Rock Cleanup

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