News & Stuff Heard on the Appalachian Trail (8-26-14)

Published Aug 26, 2014

2012 thru-hikers in the ice-cream competition in Rangeley, Maine. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

2012 thru-hikers in the ice-cream competition in Rangeley, Maine. ~~ Photograph by Robert Sutherland

There's plenty of news and stuff heard on the Appalachian Trail to tell you about as we close out August and shutter summer in many locations after Labor Day.

Thru-hikers will be welcomed on Saturday, August 30, 2014, in Rangeley, Maine. There will be free food, vendors, great music and the ice-cream eating contest for thrubies.

Suzannah and I might see you there. We loved the shots we took in 2012.

Click Here for the Rangeley Trail Town Festival

Favorite blog of the week: Farewell, Friend!

Click Here for Farewell, Friend! by Murphy

Every news source seems to have freaked out over the story that the National Park Service has banned drones on the Appalachian Trail. First of all, this "news" was released two months ago on June 20, 2014. The area affected by this decision is limited to National Park Service lands, which does include the AT but goes far beyond our beloved path. Finally, this is a temporary mandate that is subject to change. The final decision might be more than a year away.

Click Here for NPS Press Release on Drones on the AT

Coolest graphic of the week (although it's been online since 2010): The AT in the form of a subway map.

Click Here for the Appalachian Trail Subway Map

The Appalachian Mountain Club recently published a tremendous guide to 15 fabulous family hikes that will grow on you and your family. All the paths are in New England or the mid-Atlantic states. We're thankful for the AMC and all the helpful information they provide to get the rest of us off our sofas.

Click Here for AMC's 15 Fabulous Family Hikes

We heard some words of wisdom from Georgia's Department of Natural Resources on how NOT to share your food with bears while hiking and camping. No, you're not afraid of Yogi the Bear but he doesn't live in the woods. Real hungry bears do.

How Not to Share Food with Bears in the Woods

The US Forest Service invites one and all to hike, gawk, roam and/or visit forests everywhere. They also want to arm you with some advice about how to stay safe around waterfalls.

Click Here for Forest Service Advice on Safety Around Waterfalls

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