• Shepherd

    Seriously. Southbounders makes this list. The number of factual errors that didn’t need to be in there are huge. This film is actually hilarious to watch with a bunch of other thru/long term section hikers.

    • Thanks Shepherd. That was the number one piece of feedback we got … “take Southbounders off this list!”

      I haven’t seen Flip Flop Flippin before but I’ll grab a copy: http://www.squatchfilms.com/flip-flop-flippin-1–2.html

      • shepherd

        Don’t get me wrong. i had a great time watching it. But that was because a group of 14 spent the entire film laughing at it.

        I am biased as i hiked with some of the people on flip flop flippin.

        • Evan Walters

          2011 was a good year 🙂


          • Pats Fan

            Keep it! I thought Southbounders was terrific. (better than Appalachian Impressions and Trek and others)

            Of course, it’s fiction, so any “factual errors” may have been intended. AT purist need to lighten up!

  • Shepherd

    Edit: Flip Flop Flippin is a good study of the characters on the trail.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the list – making my way through each of ’em!

  • Scott Herriott

    Flip Flop Flippin’ rocks! (Disclaimer: I made it)

  • Steve Goodrich

    Agreed, Flip Flop Flippin deserves a nod. Squatch rules!

  • “A Long Start to the Journey” is the best AT movie without exception.

  • Bo L Boazy

    1st one is $57.00 on Amazon