• Shepherd

    Seriously. Southbounders makes this list. The number of factual errors that didn’t need to be in there are huge. This film is actually hilarious to watch with a bunch of other thru/long term section hikers.

    • Thanks Shepherd. That was the number one piece of feedback we got … “take Southbounders off this list!”

      I haven’t seen Flip Flop Flippin before but I’ll grab a copy: http://www.squatchfilms.com/flip-flop-flippin-1–2.html

      • shepherd

        Don’t get me wrong. i had a great time watching it. But that was because a group of 14 spent the entire film laughing at it.

        I am biased as i hiked with some of the people on flip flop flippin.

        • Evan Walters

          2011 was a good year 🙂


          • Pats Fan

            Keep it! I thought Southbounders was terrific. (better than Appalachian Impressions and Trek and others)

            Of course, it’s fiction, so any “factual errors” may have been intended. AT purist need to lighten up!

  • Shepherd

    Edit: Flip Flop Flippin is a good study of the characters on the trail.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the list – making my way through each of ’em!

  • Scott Herriott

    Flip Flop Flippin’ rocks! (Disclaimer: I made it)

  • Steve Goodrich

    Agreed, Flip Flop Flippin deserves a nod. Squatch rules!

  • “A Long Start to the Journey” is the best AT movie without exception.

  • Bo L Boazy

    1st one is $57.00 on Amazon

  • Warren Doyle

    “Circle of Dreams” – the most articulate documentary on the trail. It shows how people can grow if they are ready to recognize, and accept, the gifts the trail can give to those who walk it.