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  • Lucy

    Is it possible that she was attacked by bear or mountain lion…or it being Appalachia, possible drug runners or moonshiners? What about those three guys they encountered…suspicious? Did they ever give the scent to dogs and then let them follow their noses? My dog smells things that blow me away…she has an awesome nose and I have no doubt she would find someone lost. I am sure they have done just about everything, but I am so shocked that she just disappeared? They could contact a medium also…prayers for some type of closure.

  • crosswind

    I saw this story on North Woods Law. Very odd how someone can just disappear. I had the same thought as Lucy, who commented below. I’m sure the Troopers also considered if a large game wild animal could have attacked her (like Bear, Mtn Lion or other). Makes you wonder if she didn’t plan to disappear or if foul play was involved with someone she knows & is lying. I supposed there would be a body, if it has been suicide. However ,you do have some very large wild animal predators there. Hope the family & troopers receive closure and finds any evidence at all.

  • jeffjapan055

    Robert Sutherland continues to sprinkle his cursory reports, more book review than investigation, with subtle misstatement of fact, viz., “Rain fell on Monday, July 22nd, quite heavily in some spots. But Gerry had already hiked 950+ miles, so rain was nothing new.” I have continually corrected those who keep repeating this crucial weather window, but once said it colors everything else. Point of Fact: there was no rain on Monday! I’ve checked weather records from several sourcrs, no rain until Tuesday morning (started 7-9am, stopped by 4pm, showers thereafter, done by Tuesday evening, good weather rest of week), and variously described as moderate to heavy. Even MWS reported “rain” on Monday, never corrected that misstatement, and perhaps RS relied on that. Fact: Monday, day Gerry first missing, was excellent weather, partly cloudy (more Sun than clouds), very warm, up to 70’s in Rangeley, 15 miles to west of AT, so easy 60’s on trail. Coldest for her would have been in 50’s. Weather was not a factor in her ‘missing’ status, and with her tent, stove, 3 days of food, plenty water sources, filter, experienced hiker status, she would have survived day of Tues rain, no problem. Absolutely no reason for her to be ‘off trail, camped, unresponsive to searchers’ whistles, calls on Thu-Fri first search day nearby her ‘camp’, and later dog searches within 100yds or less of her site, as MWS claims. As RS reported ALDHA & MWS said, and local ME guides living in area agreed, “she wasn’t there”! So, where was she on July 22, 2013, National Goth Day? Nothing so far fits facts on ground, it’s not closed case by any stretch. We await MWS FOAA requested final investigation report, due out Mar 31.

  • Wanda Feagin Wood
  • Ralph William O’Brien

    Geraldine was found. Just a few hundred feet from the trail. She died peacefully but sadly alone in the woods in her tent from lack of water and exposure.